The Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority (BSRHA), headquartered in Nome, Alaska, is a primary service provider of affordable housing projects including new construction, modernization, rehabilitation and weatherization of current homes, and the acquisition of homes throughout the Bering Straits Region. With a current inventory of over 400 units in 17 villages, BSRHA is continuing to work to provide housing opportunities, as well as employment, training and educational opportunities. With an approach to providing services, our goal is to build and provide homes for residents of our region to thrive in. We appreciate you taking the time to review our programs and information. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our programs or services.  

The Alaskan Native people of the Bering Straits Region are the first inhabitants of the Nome census area, (which is approximately 28,278 square Miles, slightly larger than the state of Maryland). Our Federally recognized Alaskan Native Tribes are from 3 main branches of Inuit heritage: Inupiaq, Yupik, and Siberian Yupik. We have lived just south of the Arctic Circle for millennia. Our people have not just survived, but thrived here since the Bering Land Bridge “Beringia” first allowed safe passage across from Russia during the last Ice Age (some 10,000+ years ago). We have a rich culture of subsistence and stewardship. Living  off of the land, ocean, rivers and tundra provides a healthy diet and an active lifestyle and those active stewardship traditions are carried forward through generations. We are blessed with world class salmon, abundant marine mammals, migratory birds, ungulates, berries/greens & plants for sustenance. Sharing the bounty of our region with friends/family is a deeply ingrained part of our culture that a lifestyle of conservation is not just a sticker/patch/plaque, but a communal fiber that ties the people to the land.


2018 Annual Performance Report (APR)

The required Annual Performance Report can be viewed by clicking on the button below. 

This report is compiled annually based on the 2018 Indian Housing Plan (IHP). 


The purpose of these linked tools are to take a calendar year snapshot of BSRHA's planned work (the IHP) and

compare them in the same document with BSHRA"s accomplishments (the APR).