Self-Monitoring and Evaluation Report and Management Improvement Plan

Indian Housing Plan Year 2014 & 2015


Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority has established a Self-Monitoring policy for each fiscal year:

  • Management Interviews will be conducted in December of each year, random files reviewed and a draft report completed by the end of January of the following year.   No later than February 28th of each year the report is submitted the Board of Commissioners, the Tribes, and to the staff.

  • Self-Monitoring evaluations and draft report will be completed by an individual or entity who works at arms-length from direct operations, by interviewing, at a minimum, the following positions: President/CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President/Director of Operations, Housing Manager, Construction Manager, Housing Maintenance Staff, and those Housing Management Staff responsible for eligibility and selections.

  • All applicable Evaluations and Interviews are utilized to give a comprehensive picture of BSRHA operations and procedures.

  • Evaluations are conducted annually, unless deficiencies were noted on the prior Management Improvement Plan (MIP), and for those areas monitoring will be conducted semi-annually.

  • Appropriate actions will be taken to resolve any identified deficiencies or concerns.


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