Past Projects

The Development Department at Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority contracted with TBI Inc. to build homes in the following communities:

  • 7 homes in Shishmaref

    • new homebuyers moved in 9/4/14

  • 3 Homes in White Mountain

    • new homebuyers moved in 9/16/14

  • 2 Homes in Koyuk

    • new homebuyers moved in 9/17/14

  • 2 Homes in St. Michael

    • new homebuyers moved in 11/1/14


Current Projects
  • BSRHA has partnered with Bering Straits Development Company (BSDC) and the Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) to construct  5 single-family homes in Brevig Mission utilizing the "Integrated Truss" design model. This design type produces a highly efficient home (5 star -plus or better) and features 9" of spray foam insulation continuously throughout the floors, walls and ceiling, as well as the "BrHEAThe" integrated mechanical heating and ventillation system. 

Future Projects 

During the 2016 IHP planning process, BSRHA applied its established Development Scoring Matrix to determine that our next construction project shall be constructed in the villages of Gambell and Savoonga. Based upon our budgets allocated for the construction process we will be building up to 6 new units in Gambell & 6 new units in Savoonga.

BSRHA will be conducting the preliminary site control and civil work in the 2016 construction season and shall complete construction of the project in the 2017 season.