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Homebuyer Charges


According to the Admissions and Occupancy Agreement, all maintenance, routine and non-routine is the responsibility of the homebuyer.


BSRHA charges homebuyers a reasonable fee for any parts and labor required to complete work orders, either from deficiencies noted by inspectors or if work is requested by the homebuyer.


According to the Admissions and Occupancy Agreement (MHOA) Homebuyer Maintenance policy, section 11.3.1

“All maintenance is the responsibility of the homebuyer.” Hazardous conditions may be corrected by BSRHA at its’ option. However, all work will be charged to the homebuyers.


Failure to maintain your home can constitute a breach of contract that

 could result in termination from the program. Homebuyer’s must be current with house payments before work orders, payback agreements, and future MOD projects are started.


Our goal is to provide safe, decent, sanitary and affordable housing and we are trying to offer the opportunity for all homebuyers to succeed.  If you’ve attempted to remedy problems or encounter something that is beyond your level of expertise, we will gladly help steer you in the right direction.


All work orders will have to be assessed by Modernization staff in your village.  Based upon their recommendation of items needed for repairs to your unit, a Homebuyer Charge cost estimate and complete work scope will be developed and presented to you for your approval and agreement to the charge for repairs.  In the cost estimate and work scope, we will provide a reasonable estimate of all the costs; materials, labor costs, shipping and handling fees.  Please remember, this is just an estimated cost and not a guarantee of all expenses.


After all the work is completed by the Modernization staff and the work order is signed by the homebuyer to verify that work has been satisfactorily completed, all receipts, invoices, shipping fees, labor hours by the Modernization staff, will be tallied and charged to the Homebuyer’s account.


If have any questions, please contact;


Thomas Tocktoo at (907) 443-8628 for Council, Elim, Golovin, King Island, Solomon, St. Michael, Stebbins, Unalakleet, Wales and White Mountain.


Walter Rose at (907) 443-8612 for Brevig Mission, Gambell, Koyuk, Little Diomede, Savoonga, Shaktoolik and Shishmaref.