If you would like to request that BSRHA perform repairs to your home (which may be billed to you), please call:

(907) 443-5256 and request the switchboard to transfer you to the Modernization department. 


Per BSRHA Admissions & Occupancy Policy:

"All maintenance, routine and non-routine is the homebuyer's responsibility."


What this means, is that if anything breaks in your home (appliances, windows, doors, etc.), then it is your responsibility to fix and maintain your equipment to stay in compliance with Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority's Admissions and Occupancy Policy.


However, BSRHA does have staff in Nome to dispatch information and assist homebuyers in a variety of ways:

  • Finding service manuals & advising on repair solutions

  • Estimating labor & materials for repairs

  • Locating parts vendors


If you have attempted to repair a deficiency and find yourself overwhelmed and need assistance or advice to have the problem corrected, we may be able to help with that as well.


For example, if you encounter an issue such as, but not limited to those below that present a Life/Safety/Health risk requiring a trade professional not available in your region (i.e. Plumber, Electrician, Boiler Service Technician, HVAC Specialist) BSRHA may be able to assist you with repairs.

  • Your mechanical  system's leaking water, fuel or glycol inside the home,

  • The safety of your electrical system is questionable.