Youth Grant

Youth Grant — BSRHA will support crime prevention and drug elimination activities through the Youth Grant program. Member tribes of BSRHA will have the opportunity to create and operate programs that will have a direct impact on reducing crime and drug use among youth in our region. The maximum grant awarded is $10,000 per tribe. The participating youth must be occupants of affordable housing. The grant is awarded on a reimbursement basis with all costs requiring proper documentation. lf there is no documentation of participants being in affordable housing, the grantee will be responsible for a matching contribution. 

For the Youth Grant Program, send an email to

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Housing Preservation

BSRHA is making changes to the Housing Preservation Grant program so that it better meets the needs of our region. Please check back regularly, the new streamlined application will be available on this website soon. 

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Emergency Utilities

The Emergency Utility Assistance program includes Heat, Electricity, Water & Sewer. BSRHA pays directly to the vendor and not to the applicant. BSRHA will offer Emergency Utility Assistance to prevent utility disconnection or shut off. The program is allocated at $5,000 per tribe, further delineated to $500 per household. BSRHA will make payments to 3rd parties only - i.e. city governments, utilities, or fuel vendors. Applicants must provide a notice of disconnection or shut off, or a statement that the heating fuel vendor will not advance credit to the applicant. This program is available to our entire regional Tribal members.

For the Emergency Utility Assistance Program, contact Hannah Katongan at 907-443-8617; or Glenda Sherman at 907-443-8602;

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Home Ownership

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The Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority (BSRHA) Mutual Help Homeownership Opportunity Program provides homeownership opportunities for qualified lower-income Alaska Native/Indian families.

The program is intended to provide low-income families with a home that is safe, decent, sanitary, and affordable.

BSRHA currently leases purchase option contracts with homebuyers in all villages within the Bering Straits region for a total of 306 homebuyers.

We have successfully completed contracts with 227 homebuyers who are now homeowners.