Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority offers a wide variety of programs: we are here to assist not only with the construction of new affordable housing, but we also have programs to assist homebuyers facing financial hardships with our utility assistance; preserve cultural values and enrich the lives of youth with our youth grant program, preserve existing housing stock with the Housing preservation grant and even offer assistance to potential homebuyers that are looking to buy their first home.

Housing Preservation Grant

This grant is a forgivable loan for up to $30,000 to allow home owners the opportunity to perform repairs to their homes.


Youth Grants

BSHRA offers a $10,000 grant to each of our member tribes for youth programs: including covering costs for culture camps, traditional activities (fishing, gathering greens, picking berries, etc.).


Emergency Utility Assistance 

This program designed to aid homebuyers who are suffering financial hardship and are about to have vital services (electricity, water, sewer and fuel) disconnected.