Youth Grant


BSRHA offers a grant of up to $10,000 to each of the 17 tribes we represent, for reimbursement of expenses to operate crime prevention and drug elimination youth programs for tribal members.


Allowable expenditures include: costs associated with culture camps, traditional activities (fishing, gathering greens, picking berries, etc.), and operating expenses for established youth programs (i.e. Boys and Girls Clubs of America), each with a focus of crime prevention and drug elimination.


The application process includes: submitting a detailed proposal cover letter, project description, timeline, budget and identification of target audience.

Note: Residents of affordable housing are the only eligible recipients of this grant and if the participants are not residents of affordable housing there will need to be alternative sources of funds besides BSRHA.  Grant funds cannot be used for construction or renovation labor and/or the purchase of food items.


The Youth Grant submission should be on the tribe's letterhead, signed by the president of the tribe or authorized signer and include the following;


Cover Letter:

The cover letter should contain a summary of your Youth Grant proposal, introduction to your organization and summarize any recent communications you have had with BSRHA.  Include the amount of funding that you are requesting, the target audience, and the need it will help solve.


Project Description:

Describe in detail the Youth Grant project or program, how it will help prevent crimes and work toward eliminating youth drug use, and provide information on how it will be implemented.  Include information on what will be accomplished and the desired outcome.



Describe in detail the Youth Grant project or program timeline, including when the project or program will begin, timeline of events and/or activities, and the expected project or program end date.  Finally, mention how the project or program will be evaluated to measure the success of the project or program.  *Note: The Youth Grant Project or Program, if approved, cannot extend past the calendar year in which it was approved.



Include in the budget all expenses for your project, including necessary training costs. Mention any co-funding that you are using from other sources. Include a brief narrative of expenses along with a table of individual cost components.


Submit the Youth Grant Proposal to:

John Bullock

Vice President/ Construction Manager

Via Mail:

PO Box 995

Nome, Alaska 99762

Via Fax:

(907) 443-8627

Via E-Mail: